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Here are the rates:

Give as many details around the question as possible for a greater accuracy for the reading. For instance if you have choices to make, make sure that you tell me what the choices are in detail.

It may take me up to one week to deliver your reading, depending on the work load I have.

Please use the donations button in the sidebar for payments.

email questions (please give as much details as possible) – € 35

skype converation (25 to 30 minutes) – € 85 (please wait for appointment time confirmation before making a payment for skype)

How does it work?

please fil in the form below and i will receive your email in my inbox :)

If we agree on me doing the question for you, I will wait for you to send the payment (use the paypal donation button in the side bar please) and i will email you the reply as soon as the payment has gone through paypal.

Once we have agreed on me doing your question, I will do your reading within the week, depending on amount of email i receive. However, if you would like to receive a reply sooner make sure you tell me it is urgent :) , and I will do it as soon as possible for you.

Once you have received my email, you will be allowed one further clarification question if necessary. Your feedback is also welcome for me if you like.

Also, don’t be put off if the rate is too high, just drop me a line on email about it.

Please do understand that mediums are given elements of answer at a time, so the reply is not set in stone by any means. Also spirit will allow me to see and answer only as much as it deems necessary for your life in the current situation.